Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scary Bear or Not Scary Bear???

I started the quilt for my niece today. My poor embroidery machine was very busy up this afternoon. India gave me a list of random things.....this is some of the things she wanted on her quilt:

She wanted a green tree, smiley face, horses and a flower. There is a whole list, but I found the cutest bear and I pulled the colors it asked for: Reddish Brown, clay Brown, Dark Grey and Pumpkin. The pumpkin really had me confused but I used it anyway.

This is the bear it produced...Mark took one look at it said..Wow that is SCARY! I think it looks deranged.. So I have a feeling I will be cutting another block to do a different bear....What do you think??? Is it a Scary Bear or a do I keep it????


Meari said...

Definitely scary... I think the eyes make it look deranged, as Mark puts it.

Cath said...

aww , I think he's cute .
Maybe put a ribbon bow on his neck or something . X

Vicky L said...

It is the eyes that makes him scary. The colors are pretty and they work. The other blocks look wonderful.

candydeavila said...

I think he is lacking of some detail specially in the eyes and nose... if you are going to replace it, why don't you try to retouch it by hand. Maybe it would make the difference between scary and cute.
Good luck, Vicky!

mdgtjulie said...

I think it looks scary too. It's his face. It just doesn't look right!! I think retouching his face by hand might help, Vickie. Good luck!!

lenna said...

I think it's the eyes not exactly why but I like him. Maybe to retouch the eyes if you can will save him. I like the colors, though.
God Bless ~

Berly said...

I think for starters his head is a little out of proportion with the rest of his body. He's VERY scary!