Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yoga, Charlie the Tiger, and Bert

I am stitching on Yoga as fast as my little fingers will let me and when I can stay off Facebook. I play Frontierville and I so enjoy playing so it does cut into some of my stitching time! It is slowly coming along.

I have 2.5 days left with students and then one more teacher workday until I am off for summer break! To be honest, I did not think this year would ever end. It has been a very rough school year.

Our school mascot is a Tiger and my niece India bought me a HUGE tiger, whom she named Charlie, for my classroom. Charlie spends the entire school year sitting on my bookcase guarding my classroom. He has to come home during the summer break. It seems he gets bored over the summer and bothers the janitors. Charlie loves the couch and took it over when he came home on Thursday. Bert decided that he would be buddies with Charlie and now he spends time curled up next to him on the couch!


7 OfĂ­cios said...

The pictures of BERT are lovely!!!
And your Yoga stitching it's growing quickly! Keep going with the great work :)))))

mdgtjulie said...

Cute piccy of Charlie and Bert. Love it! And your Yoga is looking great. Good luck getting more stitching time! (I know you especially need it with this project!)

Carol's Stitching said...

Enjoy your summer vacation! :) Sounds like you definitely have some big stitching goals for the hot summer months. Happy Stitching!

Nancy M said...

You are making some nice progress on this one. I bet you're glad to see this week over!

Elena said...

Your project is coming along nicely and it is probably great getting more time to stitch! I have the same problem with facebook! Frontierville is my absolute fave as well.