Monday, June 27, 2011

Vacation Stitching

I am finally home from our wonderful vacation. Mark and I were in up in the Northeast section of the United States. I like it but it was VERY cold. I found that I was buying long sleeve shirts in every town we visited. I came home with a new winter wardrobe.

One good thing about traveling is that I can cross stitch in the plane and car. I was able to finish a page and a half of Yoga. Mark just shook his head that I was stitching so much. Riding in the car is good stitching time for me.
I will post more later about our trip. I can honestly say I am happy to be home! I truly missed the summer heat. I also missed Ice. I don't understand why up North, you only get two or three ice cubes in a glass. I always asked for extra ice and still not half of what you get down here!

Tonight I pulled out my scarecrow and worked for 1 hour on it. In one hour, I finished all the yellow you see here. I would have finished more but Bert decided he wanted to grab at the threads.


mdgtjulie said...

Bert sounds like Yes Dear, lol. Can't stay away from the floss!! Glad you had a good trip and got a lot done. Yoga is really coming along. You must be a fast stitcher to get all that yellow done too! Grats on the progress!!

Debra said...

nice progress. We were talking about your scarecrow at the retreat. We thought you had it all stitched, just not put together yet. Guess we were wrong. And NO I will not stitch on your pants. LOL!

Joke said...

Wow, you did have extra stitching time! It sure shows :)

Meari said...

Is that a beluga whale?

I love stitching in the car, too. I always used to get so much done.

Glad to see that PANTS are all done. Cuz, Debra says she's not stitching your pants!

Berly said...

I still need to get the fabric for my scarecrow!!

Nancy M said...

I wish I could stitch in the car!!! I'd get so much more done. You got a lot done on Yoga!!!