Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Most Hated Word

I do believe the most hated word in any females world is the word D I E T!   I know it is mine because right now I am on one!  I know I have posted before that I had this big plan to lose all this weight and somehow I just didn't follow through.  I think if you want to lose weight you really have to WANT to lose it.  You have really work at it.  I have thought for the last 2 years that I want to lose weight and I have actually tried a few times but after a couple of days I get frustrated and hungry so I eat and eat!!!  My downfall is late night snacks. There is something about popcorn with extra butter late at night is just YUMMMMM. 

If you are wondering what brought on this sudden desire to lose weight?  You won't believe but it was cat pee.  Shaking your head???  I smelled cat pee somewhere in my guest room and it seems that Jag was made a me for some reason and he PEED on my wedding dress bag!!!  The dress is fine and hanging on the bookshelf waiting for me to get a new bag.  If you know anything about cat pee...once it is on something it doesn't come out.  I had to throw away my dress bag (picking a new one up this week). I was looking at my wedding dress (size 6) and I got mad at myself.  I realized that when I met Mark I weighed about 35 lbs less than I do now. 

I will tell you when I weighed on Sunday (9-11-11) I actually cried.  This is the heaviest I have EVER been and I weighed in at 142.2.  I couldn't believe it.  When I met Mark I weighed 105 lbs.  I can't believe how much I have gained.  

I made a decision then that I was going to lose this weight!  I started that day and have done a 30 to 40 minute workout each day.  I am working out 6 days and resting on the 7th (Saturday).  I write down on a calender which workouts I do and I can see my progress. 

I am not following any special diet because I hate to measure, count and I like to eat real food.  So, I am just cutting back on what I eat.  I am not denying myself anything. If  I want it ..I eat a very small portion of it.   I do not eat 3 hours before bedtime.  So If I eat dinner at 7:30 pm...I can't go to bed until 10:30.  I am also drinking 64 ounces of water a day.  I carry around a huge jug of water every day at school but it makes drinking water easier. Since I know how much I have to drink to reach my goal. I have however, not had a coke in over a week so that is one thing I have cut out of my diet.  I don't like diet drinks so if I can't have a real coke....I won't drink them.

I am giving myself a prize if I meet my goal of 2 lbs per week. Just something small such as a new book or magazine.  

I weighed this morning and weighed in at 140.0!!!!  I lost 2.2 lbs by just cutting back on my food!!!  So I bought myself a new book today.  I bought  The Diva Haunts the House by Krista Davis. Tomorrow is another week. 


sharine said...

It sounds like your off to a great start. Keep it up!

Meari said...

Good for you, Vickie. Diets never work, it has to be lifestyle change. I, myself, weigh more now than I ever have in my life and it's driving me crazy. I keep telling myself when school is done, I'm going to get into an exercise routine... so we'll see. I don't diet because like you, I get hungry and want to eat everything! I don't eat a lot of snacks, but I eat larger portions than I should. Bad me! Good luck with the weightloss.

Shelleen said...

Great job on your new lifestyle. I do weight watchers and it is a lifestyle change. Some weeks I do really well and sometimes I fall off the wagon. Hang in there.

Ewa said...

Congratulations! I fully support lifestyle changes. Not dieting, but lifestyle changes. As someone who has always struggled with my weight, I know the horrors of it. I feel like I'm constantly dieting and exercising and eating right and not seeing the fruition. (hugs) I believe in you!