Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Poor Gibbs

Gibbs had surgery this week!  He is home and doing well however, he has staples holding his tummy together.  It seems he dug in the trash and found a corn cob.  He ate  it and about 2 inches of this corn cob got stuck in his small intestines.  We did not know this of course, however, he started throwing up on Wednesday night. He threw up all night. It was like having a sick child.  Mark took him to the vet in the morning and they did 2 sets of x-rays, some other things and then we got the call.  They were going to do surgery on Friday morning because they weren't sure what was wrong with him.  He stayed at the vet until Sunday when we were finally able to bring him home.  He has to be on very wet food and has to take 5 pills each morning and evening.  We are very happy to have him home and he was so happy to be home.  He is doing well and is snuggles up in between Mark and I each night. We are aren't sure if it is because he wants to be in the bed or he just feels that he needs to be next to us.

On the stitching note, I have finished the entire top portion of the ballerina.  Since I last posted I have put in 6,396 stitches and have completed 47.6% of her.  I have also been shopping on ebay...someone stop me!!!  I have bought several kits. Once I get them all in  I will post a picture of them for everyone to see.
We had a very sad day on Friday at school. Thursday night, one our students was in a car crash and was killed.  She had just found out she had been nominated for the homecoming court.  It was just a very sad, emotional day for the students.


mdgtjulie said...

Oh, how sad. Will say a prayer for that family!! Your ballerina is looking beautiful. And glad Gibbs is looking and feeling better!!

Meari said...

That's so sad about the student :(

Good to hear Gibbs is doing better. He needs to stop eating *everything*! lol

Ballerina looks great, Vickie.

Patty said...

My heart and prayers goes out to that student's family!

Your ballerina is stunning!

Poor Gibbs! I had a dog too that ate everything - she was a newfie so she was big enough to reach on top of the stove - she ate a hamloaf that was wrapped in alumium foil (the whole thing) and when she was very sick they took an xray of her stomach to see what was wrong and found a plastic toy car that she had eaten off my son's birthday cake (he's never been told that) The vet said tho that that wasn't the cause of her death. SO glad that Gibbs survived this!!!

Betty said...

Ballerina is looking so very beautiful, Vickie! I'm glad to hear that Gibbs is recovering well from his surgery. I'm sorry for the tragic loss of the young lady from your school.

Berly said...

I'm so sorry about your student. Sending prayers for all of you. Glad Gibbs is home & better, though, and Ballerina's looking gorgeous!

Vicky L said...

How sad! It is so heartbreaking to hear sad news about young people. I will say a prayer to the family and you too. So glad to hear Gibbs is doing so much better. That must have been scary. Ballerina is looking so beautiful.

Jan said...

Such sad news about the student. I love the Ballerina? Is she a HAED design?