Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Santa RR finally finished

I finally finished judith's RR project tonight. This poor project had several problems. First, I couldn't read the pattern because the backstitching lines were hard to follow. I probably need new glasses but Judith was kind enough to send me a color copy of the pattern. Then, I went on a ten day vacation and. I refuse to take someone's project with me on vacation because you never know what can happen. Then the darn pattern called for those terrible French knots and I hate. French knots! So judith was kind enough to let me use beads. I was really confused because Santa's coat called for dmc 3371 knots and. That. I brown-black color and I couldn't do that to Santa so I changed it to blue. I hope Judith likes it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scary Bear or Not Scary Bear???

I started the quilt for my niece today. My poor embroidery machine was very busy up this afternoon. India gave me a list of random things.....this is some of the things she wanted on her quilt:

She wanted a green tree, smiley face, horses and a flower. There is a whole list, but I found the cutest bear and I pulled the colors it asked for: Reddish Brown, clay Brown, Dark Grey and Pumpkin. The pumpkin really had me confused but I used it anyway.

This is the bear it produced...Mark took one look at it said..Wow that is SCARY! I think it looks deranged.. So I have a feeling I will be cutting another block to do a different bear....What do you think??? Is it a Scary Bear or a do I keep it????

Monday, June 27, 2011

New Project

I have started a new project for my niece, India. I am making her a Rag Quilt. The dark denim has sequined butterflies on it and the light denim I am plan on using my embroidery machine to embroider this huge list of random things she has listed she likes. This is going to be such a weird quilt because he list is so random.
I have been working on my RR project. I received it right before my vacation and I didn't feel comfortable taking it with me on my travels that I am having to stitch away on it so I can get it in the mail ASAP!!!
I can tell it is summer vacation. I found myself taking a nap around 3:30 today and it is now midnight and I am wide awake!!!! This is usually what happens. I stay up all night and sleep in the next morning. I love summer break!!!!

Vacation Stitching

I am finally home from our wonderful vacation. Mark and I were in up in the Northeast section of the United States. I like it but it was VERY cold. I found that I was buying long sleeve shirts in every town we visited. I came home with a new winter wardrobe.

One good thing about traveling is that I can cross stitch in the plane and car. I was able to finish a page and a half of Yoga. Mark just shook his head that I was stitching so much. Riding in the car is good stitching time for me.
I will post more later about our trip. I can honestly say I am happy to be home! I truly missed the summer heat. I also missed Ice. I don't understand why up North, you only get two or three ice cubes in a glass. I always asked for extra ice and still not half of what you get down here!

Tonight I pulled out my scarecrow and worked for 1 hour on it. In one hour, I finished all the yellow you see here. I would have finished more but Bert decided he wanted to grab at the threads.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Site seeing in vermont

Mark and I went site seeing in his old hometown he took me to where he grew up. I also got to climb a very small potion of the hill he climbed everyday at his ski school. In case you don't know mark went to a ski academy for his high school years he was a very good skier. He would ski for two weeks and study for two weeks. I was able to tour Burke Mountain Academy and see hjisski trails. It was fascinating.

Around noon we met up with our friends from Virginia Beach that joined us on this crazy adventure! Mark had also gotten in touch with some of his old friends that live in Massachusetts and they came up for the day. We all went to lunch and then hung out all afternoon and evening at the Massachusetts boys parents house. Seems This was Marks second home when he was growing up.

Today we are off to see his granny. He is packed and waiting on me so gotta go.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yoga, Charlie the Tiger, and Bert

I am stitching on Yoga as fast as my little fingers will let me and when I can stay off Facebook. I play Frontierville and I so enjoy playing so it does cut into some of my stitching time! It is slowly coming along.

I have 2.5 days left with students and then one more teacher workday until I am off for summer break! To be honest, I did not think this year would ever end. It has been a very rough school year.

Our school mascot is a Tiger and my niece India bought me a HUGE tiger, whom she named Charlie, for my classroom. Charlie spends the entire school year sitting on my bookcase guarding my classroom. He has to come home during the summer break. It seems he gets bored over the summer and bothers the janitors. Charlie loves the couch and took it over when he came home on Thursday. Bert decided that he would be buddies with Charlie and now he spends time curled up next to him on the couch!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Crafty Killing

I just finished reading a new cozy mystery titled
A Crafty Killing by Lorraine Bartlett. In case you are wondering what in the world is a cozy mystery??? A Cozy is a mystery which includes a bloodless crime and contains very little violence, sex, or coarse language. By the end of the story, the criminal is punished and order is restored to the community.The character solving the crime is often an amateur sleuth who becomes involved because of personal reasons but it is also possible for the character to be a professional: police officer, medical examiner, or private detective.
Kate Bonner is a widow who is still mourning the loss of her husband. When one morning she stops Artisans Alley she finds her late husband, and now her current business partner dead on the floor. She now has to decide if she is going to quit her deadbeat job and take over the job as the day to day manager of Artisans Alley. She still has to come to terms with her husbands death and as she digs deeper into her Business Partners death, she then starts to think there was something really wonky about her husbands death also.
I have to say that I NEVER figured out the killer!!! I was SHOCKED when the killer came forward at the end and explained why they killed the Business partner. I never saw it coming!! This book also has recipes at the back. These were the recipes mentioned in the book and they sound really good!!! I cannot wait for the next book in this series!!!