Sunday, July 1, 2012

Friday Cross Stitch Retreat

Friday morning I slept until 10:00 and felt WONDERFUL!!!  Karin, Vicky, Meari and Penny went to see the wolves while Mare and I hung around the hotel. Sandy took off and explored on her own.   When everyone got back (except Sandy...she was having fun on her own) We headed off to Miramont Castle for an afternoon tea.

I would like thank all Retreat Attendees for playing Victorian Ladies with me and going for the tea.  We had so much fun!!!  We dressed in Victorian Hats (Karin had to be difficult and wear a men's Bowler hat).  Sandy did come and join us for the tea. The tea was so yummy!! Penny, Karin ande I chose the light tea which came with Scones, sandwiches and a dessert platter.  The others chose sandwiches, salads or soup.  

Sandy, Karin, Vicky L, Penny, Me, Meari and Mare

 Don't Meari and I look pretty in our hats???

Whereever we go, Karin finds a furry friend to pet and play with!!!

 Didn't you always want to be a fireman?????
Karin, Meari, Penny and me
 The staircase in the castle was so pretty!!!

Sitting in the conservatory enjoying the afternoon,.

I would love to dress like this for one day!!! I think it would be fun!
Check out the bathroom and bathing clothes!!!

After we explored the castle we went joined up with Sandy and Mare at Historic Colorado Springs for some more shopping.  I bought some tea, a lace table runner and some lemon curd to make lemon tarts!!!  WE then left to go to Hobby Lobby for supplies for Meari's class.  Then to Texas Roadhouse for dinner!

Back at the hotel, we worked diligently on Meari's finishing class.  You can find her class and her review of the retreat at her blog.

Mear is teaching me to glue... i have issues!!

After the finishing class, we then went through all the free charts.  The free charts is stash that you have that you no longer we bring it to find it a new home!!!  It is so much fun!!!!


Meari said...

I must've missed the Victorian bathroom at the castle! I don't recall seeing that.

Anonymous said...

Looks & sounds like you had a great day.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)