Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thursday of Cross Stitch Retreat

Thursday morning, Karin and I decided to drive into Denver so we could play in a couple of Cross Stitch stores.  OMG!!  We feel in love with Christine's Brazilian Embroidery Store  She has the needlework store you dream about.  The best thing...she believes in carrying everything and will order ANYTHING for you!!!!!  

fibers and small mill hill kits

Large Mill Hill kits wall, and fibers

Pretty colors!!!  They were so much fun to soft!!

Karin playing in the brazilian embroidery patterns
 We played for over an hour and a half.  She had so many charts, buttons, fibers and fabrics to play with....2600 sq. ft worth of fun!!!  She now has my CC information so I can send her an email and she will mail me whatever I need!!! How AWESOME!!!  She was kind enough to tell me about the Lizzie Kate new mystery project (had no idea) and I am now on her order to list to have it shipped to me!!! Can't wait!!!

After we went to Christines house, we stopped at Fanci mats and more.  Because I was drinking so much water, my first stop was to the potty.  I had to laugh, because the potty room was covered in models and

Stash you could buy!!!  How funny is that???

On the way home, Karin and I stopped for Sushi and then because it was Happy Hour at Sonic we stopped there too.  We ordered Cherry Limeades and Mozzarella sticks. We then went back to the hotel to wait for everyone else.

Meari finally arrived with all her luggage!!  I was excited to see it because it had the Designer charts they send us as a donation.  So much fun!!!!  We hung out for a while reading and listening to the TV.  Sandy finally made it and came to join us.  Mare from NY come over for a visit.  Sandy, Meari, Karin and I went and had dinner at the hotel.  We were waiting for Vicky and Penny to arrive so we could all go to Ruth's stitchery.
While we were having dinner, Vicky L called to let us know that her bus had broken down outside of CO Springs and could we come pick her up?  While we were waiting for her to get us correct directions we ran into Penny!!!   Meari and I drove out to Fountain, CO to pick up Vicky, then we all headed to Ruths' stitchery for some shopping.

I am not sure what happened from the time we picked Vicky up to the time we got to Ruths but I got so sick!!!  I had to leave the store to go pick up some Advil PM and tums.  I thought I was going to die....we now know I was suffering from Altitude sickness.  When we got back to the hotel, I took an Advil PM and went to bed.  Everyone else was playing!!!


Meari said...

Christine's looks like a fun place to play!

Anonymous said...

What fantastic stores. Will have to put them on my list for websites to check out.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)