Sunday, July 1, 2012

Saturday Cross Stitch Retreat

Saturday morning, Karin, Penny and I decided to go to Cripple Creek, Co for the day.  It was Donkey Derby day at Cripple Creek so there were craft vendors and street food!  

 We first boarded the train for a train ride and history lesson of Cripple creek.  Isn't this just beautiful???

After the train ride, Karin and Penny went up to the working mine where you travel in a very small elevator down 1,000 ft and then take mine train ride to see how the mine works.  Can you say NO WAY IN HADES!!!!  I went and explored the town.  I went to the main museum and found this beautiful Historic Cross stitch sampler!!!

There was a small village outside where a chipmunk was living.  I am assuming because he didn't move while I was taking pictures.

I stopped in one of the casinos quite by  accident!!  No REally!!  I went in this store that was advertising chocolate and at the back was a back entrance to the casino. What did  I see?? Penny Slots!!! My weakness!!  It was the Money Tree Slot....I put in $15 came out with $ I left while I was ahead.  

Made my way to the Jail museum where I got caught!  They took my mugshot and put me in a cell!!

It was so cool that they had the outfits for you to try on and pose in.  While I was having lunch at the Cripple Creek Tea room (have i mentioned I love having teas???) I found out that the Highway we came in on was now closed due to fires!!!  We had to drive 1.5 hours out of the way to get back to the hotel.  

We ordered pizza and had Rotel dip. I made that since most of the retreat attendees had NO idea what Rotel dip was!! Too shocking for me....  We then went through the donated charts by the designers and I had so much fun!!!
We were having so much fun that we were unable to finish Meari's finishing class..kinda funny huh???   

Meari had an early flight so she went to bed, while Karin and I sat and chatted a while longer.


Meari said...

The sampler is awesome, and love the jail pics. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Cripple Creek looks like a lot of fun. I too would skip going down into that mine.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)