Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Ball and Summer Goals

I finally finished another page of Summer ball!!!!!  2 pages down and 4 to go!!!  Stitching is moving very slowly right now due to my going back to school.

There is no papers to write in my history class, however there are 5 tests and they are going to be hard!!!!  I have spent this weekend working on my first test which was a take home test.  This will be the only take home test though...I am 3/4's the way finished!!!  Just one more essay to write and  I will be finished.

Mark and I leave for Rome next Sunday!!!!!  I am so excited!!!!  One week in Rome!!! Can't wait....

Here are my summer Goals so far...not sure many more will be completed but one can hope.

1. Clean out laundry room
2 Clean out desk Area in Kitchen
3. Go through the laundry basket of magazines so they can be recycled
4. Organize recipes torn from the magazines into a recipe binder.  I found this awesome site to help me get organized.
5. Print all my pinned pinterest recipes.  I love this site so I am going to start printing and trying them out.  Will let you know how they turn out.
6. Make a binder of my pinterest holiday items.  
7. Wind all DMC Floss onto binders.  -Finished up to 801.
8.  Put one of each DMC color into a Jammer box so I can have a box for travel. -Cannot do this because the bobbins don't fit in the ones I have....
9. Write Common Core Goals for my classroom. - School goal
10. Write an assessment test  to go with the common goals - school thing
11. Write my Life Centered Career Lesson plans for my kiddo's
12. Review and figure out the Xtra Math website I want my kids to use next Year
14. Make a teacher binder for next year .
13. Make and mail a class supply list before July to all my kids.
15. Make a household binder.  This is an example.  I have several pinned on pinterest that I want to combine. 
16. Finish my Donor Choice application for supply donations to my classroom.
17. Make a shopping price list of all things that I use regularly so I know where the better buy will be.
18.  Get my photos organized. Right now they are stored in drawers, discs, flashdrives and my computer.  I need to get them in albums or photo boxes..something better than I have now.
19. Finish organizing my coupon binder.
20.  Finally go to the Electric Company and Cable company to get my name changed from my maiden name to my married name.  It only has been 6 years..


Silverlotus said...

Summer Ball is looking fabulous! And I think our summer goals are really good. I need to accomplish a few of them myself.

Keebles said...

Congrats on the page finish! As much as I'm gonna love mine when it's finished...I surely hate working on it now!

And Rome! How exciting!

Cindy said...

Great stitching. How exciting going to Rome. Have a great trip.

Anonymous said...

Summer ball is looking great!!!! Keep up the great stitching. I too love pintrest. I have tried one of the recipes from there & it was delicious. Your summer goals are coming along great. Try not to stress about those tests. You'll do great on them.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

demeter83 said...

Looks absolutely gorgeous, that's on my bucket list.

Good luck with your exams

Tiki said...

Great progress on Summer Ball. Have a great time in Rome!

Sarah Beth said...

It looks great. I have the same design. Such a big project. Can't wait to see it finished