Saturday, July 4, 2015

Vacation Day 2 - Charleston - Rainbow Row and Haunted Ghost tour

One of my items on the to-do list was to see a plantation. We went to see Boone's Plantation and again no photo's allowed.   The house was amazing!

Karin is waiting for the tour.  It was so hot down in Charleston we were thankful for the shade.

Love this 100 year old tree that was down by the water....

Spanish moss was just beautiful!!

This nice lady was sitting in one of the slave quarters demonstrating how to make sawgrass baskets.  I asked to take her picture and she said "that is why I wear the hat".. It takes 3 weeks to make one basket!!!

Mom was in the butterfly garden willing a butterfly to land on her.

We walked down to my favorite part of the trip!  We made it to Rainbow Row and Battery Park.  I love all these house so that is what you will see for a bit.  We did own a piece of this history is only 1.7 million....DH said we didn't have this week but maybe later.

Just had to get some pictures by the water!!!!

We went to the Moon Pie gift shop!!!  I love moon pies!!!

 DH said he wouldn't mind living here.....

Can't you just picture women wearing Victorian Gowns sitting on the veranda???

We wanted to go on a Ghost tour so we hear the history.  It was amazing!  We went into the oldest cemetery in Charleston.  The stories were are a few of the old tombstones...

This was one of the first "angel" markers they used in previous times.   It is a little you know it has evolved into the little cherub we see today....

 I need opinions....The next two pictures were taken in the dark...not lights...nothing.  The tour guide said that I have energy streaks from those who haven't crossed over...what do you think????

According to my Jawbone Up - we walked 17,600 steps this one day!!!!  I was exhausted!!!!


Meari said...

Southern architecture is just amazing!

Terri said...

You got some great pictures!! That's a little eerie about the "energy" pictures. Never went on that ghost tour, but it sounds like fun!

Katie said...

More great photos. Love the scary light photos. I believe in that stuff.