Saturday, July 4, 2015

Vacation Day 3 - Savannah GA

I lied...I found some other pictures from Day 2 in Charleston that I must share!!!

My new Downton Abby ornament...isn't it pretty???

I am not usually a hat girl...but I needed this one!!!!  

Meet my new friend Jake.....

Check out this cool Plastic lamp I bought for my classroom!!!!  WE are the tigers so there you go!  They do make them to order and will ship!   If interested let me know and I will give you the info!

Savannah time...we stopped in this little store and I found my babies!!!! 

We spent lots of time walking around and I love historic buildings so I wanted to share a few pretty ones I saw...

We found another historic cemetery that you could walk we did.  This is how graves used to be built...

I am not sure why all these tombstones are on this wall but there were a lot of them....

We did go to Paula Dean's restaurant to eat dinner.  It was Sunday, so it was buffet only with an option to order side dish of fried okra...which we did!  This was so good!  The sweet tea came with lemon and mint in it!  I love it!!!

Big platter of fried okra anyone????


Meari said...

Love fried okra! Yumm!!

You look good in the hat. Cute ornament, too.

Interesting that there were tombstones in a wall. I'd be curious as to why they were there.

Katie said...

Great pics. We went to Savannah in April and it was beautiful! So much history.