Sunday, December 17, 2017

Year of Starts 345 -349

OMG!!!  I am caught up!!!  Can you believe it?????   I am so happy to be updated!!!!  I will have more post to tell about my life update...but cross stitch is updated!!!  I am a couple of starts behind...things have been crazy.  I will start them this week and post an update next weekend.

Start 345: Stoney Creek Village Tree - Yes, I am pointing to my start because you can't see it!

Start 346: Mirabillia Victorian Christmas Eve:

Start 347: Nora Corbett Christmas Ornaments

Start 348: Paula Vaughn December Quilt - yes I am pointing to it

Start 349: Sampler Girl - Mr. Darcy #1

This last start was in honor of Jane Austens Birthday.

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