Sunday, December 17, 2017

Year of Starts: Disney Dreams Starts 311 -319

So these are the starts that have driven me crazy!!!  I didn't have enough fabric for one of the kits.  Then I realized I didn't have enough floss bags to kit up all the kits...UGH!!  But I love how they have each started!!!  I have started 3 previous kits this year:  Snow White, Fantasia and Pinnocchio

I have changed out all the fabric to 28 count evenweave

So is some Disney Eye Candy!   By the way...I am looking for the LARGE Disney Dreams Tangled kit...I didn't get that one and the company is now out of business....sigh..

Start 311:  Tinker Bell and Peter pan

Start 312: Bambi

Start 313: Cinderella

Start 314: Lady and the Tramp

Start 315: Sleeping Beauty

Start 316: The Little Mermaid

Start 317: Beauty and the Beast

Start 318: The Lion King

Start 319: Winnie the Pooh

Ok...that is my Disney Dreams kits!!  I still have one more to start!  Two if I find the Tangled one!!

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