Sunday, December 17, 2017

Year of Starts: Rest of November 320 -334

I have to be honest....updating 2 months of cross stitch starts in one night is tiring. This is what I get for being a huge procrastinator. As I update, I am cleaning out my DVR by watching all my recorded Christmas movies from both Hallmark  channels.  I was supposed to do this on Thanksgiving break but we had company all week and they didn't like Hallmark movies....long story. are all my starts in November.

Starts 320, 321, 322, and 323 :  Dimensions Kit

Start 324: Mill Hill Thanks

Start 325: Mill Hill Princess Carriage

Start 326: Mill Hill Rockin Robin

Start 327: Mill Hill Popcorn

Start 328: Charmed Stocking

Start 329: A New World Part V 

Start 330: A new World Part IV

Start 331: Stoney Creek Spring in  the Village

Start 332:  Stoney Creek Summer in  the Village

 Start 333:  Stoney Creek Autumn in  the Village

Start 334: Stoney Creek SpringWinter in  the Village

That wraps up another month of starts!!!!

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