Sunday, December 17, 2017

December Year of starts 335-344

Here we go!!!!  I cannot believe this is my last month for starts!!   Are you wondering what a year of starts looks like storage wise.....let me show you:

Here are 12 paper copy boxes for all my starts!!!!  Tiger Lily is just hanging out !!

Now..I just have to figure out how I am going to turn all those starts into finishes!!!!!I have to figure out where to start!

Start 335:  Mill Book Book - I don't remember the name.  I am stitching the Gingerbread house.

Start 336: Mill Hill Not a Creature was stirring

Start 337: Mill Hill Caroling Trio

Start 338: Mill Hill City Bank

Start 339:  Mill Hill Town Hardware

Start 340: Mill Hill Joy to the World

Start 341: Mill Hill The Christmas College

Start 342 and 343: Lizzie Cat Pets - Dog on Left and Cat on Right

Start 344:  Joan Elliott - Perfect Poise
What a start to the final month!!!! 

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