Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I started my Inspiration piece last night. I have about half of the first page finished and I just wanted to show off my work. I think it is going to look fabulous with the fabric I chose.

I am also showing off my two SFE (Small finish exchange) pieces that I stitched for Kim and Debra. Debra's theme was fourth of July and Kim was quaker. So Debra recieved stitched towel with a flag symbol. I found the pattern in an old stitching magazine. For Kim I stitched a Debbie Draper design and I finished it by gluing it to a small box that I painted green. I added some ribbon and wooden buttons to finish it off.

Tomorrow I am giving my first test so it is a time to see how good of a job I did teaching this first unit. I am off to work on EEyore and to watch General Hospital.
Stitches left to stitch: 581,366
percent complete: 13.5%

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