Monday, October 1, 2007

Eeyore Update

Just wanted to show off my EEyore. and of course Jag had to get right in the middle of things. So I included him too. I have been working on him for sometime. I don't think I will have him finished in time though. My friend's due date is Nov 7. As you can see, I still have a lot to stitch on him. I also decided not to start any new projects until I have the ones in my rotation cut in half. I have 13 projects going so I need to finish at least 7 projects before I start a new one. Considering that most pieces are BAP's it is going to be a while before I start something new!!
I started my Inspiration piece tonight. It is looking good. I only worked on it for a couple hours. I was watching a movie I had saved on my DVR from Lifetime. I was watching girl positive. It is an excellent movie about HIV. It shows how one person can infect numerous people at a high school.
I am off to bed now...very tired. Last night, Tusk decided to bark all night and keep us awake.
Stitches: 89,714 stitched out of 672,380
Percentage: 13.3%

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Shari said...

it is getting there Vickie! Keep up the good work!!!