Sunday, October 28, 2007

prize in the mail

Yesterday, I recieved a beautiful surprise in the mail in the mail from Mare. She sent me an ornament that she stitched and made for me. It is just beautiful! Today was spent grading papers, reading and some stitching. I worked more on my model. I am enjoying stitching it but I am at that point in the design where I can taste finishing it and I want it to be finished. I guess every stitching has that point in a project. I won't get to stitch much tomorrow because it is parent teacher conferences Monday and Tuesday nights. Which means I have to work until 7:00 pm each night....

Stitching progress:

stitches left to stitch: 574,044

percentage complete: 15.8%

Not a lot of percentage complete...maybe after my model I can do lots more!!!!

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~Kim~ said...

WOW, that SFE from Mare is cute!! Love the picture of the boys!