Saturday, September 6, 2008


Last post I listed all my projects that I had to do...and my friend Debra asked me a question in my blog: "How many projects on your list have you already started?" Well, it makes me sad to answer but I have started ALL of them but 2 my retreat project and my angel project. I did forget to add the angel project so that makes my total: 14. Yep...I am blushing...14 projects...that is just too much.
I just signed up for another blog also... It is one where I get to make my own neighborhood. I am very excited about this but now the problem is what type of neighborhood do I design? I have been thinking about the 2008/2007 Mill Hill Christmas villages....but then I bought a new chart off ebay that is Southern Mansions. So I could do a row of Southern Mansions...which one do I do???
I did work on my Cinderella piece by Mirabilia. The castle is just about stitched up....I hope to have the castle finshed on the next time I have it in my rotation

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Debra said...

Vickie, Wow girl!! You have all of them started but 2!!! I thought I was crazy with all the projects I have going, but you have out done me. LOL! Cinderella is looking good. I can't wait to see what neighborhood design you do. There has been a lot of talk about this blog.
Debra in Indiana