Thursday, September 25, 2008

Small Finish!

This is has been a crazy week. I had to go to Little Rock this week for a Special Education Conference concerning APA's. Usually I don't get much from these, however, this time I actually learned some things that I didn't know. I took my Fall Cat to work on for this 4 hour trip...but the first hour in and I broke my needle!! The ladies I was with didn't realize the importance of my needle. So, there I was having to ride in a car without stitching!!! I was so sad!!!

I did finish my Fall Cat tonight though. This was a project I started in a fun fiber class at The Busy Needle. Sara had the pattern, but we had to pick our own fabrics and fibers. I loved the sparkly purple fabric and thought it would be perfect for Fall!!

I also got some goodies in the mail this week from Sarah in the UK, Debra and Mylene. These are from our SFE in ILCS. EAch person picks a theme and my theme was tea. I loved the designs they picked for me.

I also ordered another YARD of fabric....I was looking for this wonderful chart on EBay and/or 123stitch mesage boards. I was wanting this kit from a designer called Pako- the chart is called Historical Fashions. The kit sells for $159 and I didn't want to pay that for a kit with thread and aida fabric. So this WONDERFUL lady in the UK -Kathy- had the pattern and she is sending it to me!!! It belong to her DD who passed away a few years ago and she keep some of the things that were in her DD stash. She didn't think she, herself, would stitch it so she is sending it to me to stitch. I did have to promise her that I would send her updates...which I will gladly send to her. I just couldn't beleive the generosity of her!


Virpi said...

Congratulations for your finish. I have seen the Historical Fashions finished in one Finnish craft store and it is stunning.

Debra said...

Vickie, congrats on your finish. Oh that had to be a long ride without a needle. So glad you got and like the SFE I made for you.
Debra in Indiana