Saturday, September 20, 2008

I am exhausted!!!

What a day! After being sick with strep throat for the last 3 days and feeling like a truck hit me. I finally woke up this morning feeling better but I think I over did it. I got and filled my truck up with all the recycling we had at the house and it was a truck full!! We don't go as often as we should but I still recycled. Then it was off to walmart for some 18 gallon rubber maid tubs and some cat food. After that, I was off to HL to get threads for my Mother's wisdoms RR piece and I needed some ribbon/buttons to finish some small projects. After I left there it was off to The Busy Needle to pick up the JCS ornament issue for my friend Kim in WI. I also got some cute buttons for my ILCS fun fiber contest piece. Next, it was the PO where I mailed off several exchanges and birthday card. The next stop was home to pick up the boys so I could take them to be groomed. Finally, I was able to run by Dairy Queen for a burger and then home.
I sat and had lunch started watching the Razorback Game but it was a slaughter during the first quarter I decided it was time to start my main project. It was that clean out the closets!!! I pulled out all the clothes that Mark and I cannot fit into anymore...which is alot. I filled up all 3 of the 18- gallon Rubber Maid tubs I bought and I still need 1 more! I finally said enough. So I am going to finish up the border of my Mother's Wisdom piece and then start my ILCS piece.