Sunday, September 7, 2008

Faery tales from Haed

The second part of my week I worked on my Haed Faery Tales. This pattern is 40 pages long and will take me forever to stitch. I have a 4 day rotation plan for my projects so I don't get much finished on my BAP'S but every little bit helps. I put in 1,380 stitches and have 0.9% completed on this one!!!! I did enjoy working on it...that could be because I haven't worked on it since October 2007, almost a year!!! That I could not believe!!

There is also my Heart piece from the retreat that I am working on. Since I basically have the boarder left to stitch...I have been doing that in my car while sitting in morning traffic.

Yesterday afternoon I played in my in sewing room digging out patterns for the last 4 SFE I need to do. One got lost in the mail in June so I am going to restitch and resend her something. I also worked on developing my Neighborhood for my RR I am starting in January. I looked at doing southern mansions, Mill Hill Village and now I am thinking about my Stoney Creek Hometown Afghan town....I really didn't want to make an afghan so I may stitch a huge town. I am going to go downstairs and play with my scanner so I can scan them down to size.

Tomorrow I have to take my Inspirations over to the fairgrounds. I am very nervous about this one...because it wasn't as in depth as my Mystic but there is alot of detail work on it so maybe I will win.


Chiloe said...

40 pages: I can't even imagine starting such a huge project !!! But I admire whoever have the energy to do it ;)

Debra said...

Vickie, I don't know how you stick with this HAED projects. Your hearts are almost done, I haven't touched mine since the retreat.
Debra in Indiana