Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blue Ribbon Sampler

I have been switching up projects the last couple of nights. Last night I pulled out my Blue Ribbon Sampler. I am just about finished with page 2!!!! I have to admit that I am tired of having 19 plus projects going at one time!! So I am working on a different project every night. I figure if I keep doing this eventually I will get something finished!! I have no idea how I get myself into these situations. I see a project and I just have to start it!!! I just can't help myself!!!

Mom and I met up at the mall tonight. We went into Dillards and I found the cutest dress. It was this little blue sundress and it was actually in my size. I was seriously going to get it until I looked at the price tag...$168!!! Can you believe it? This little scrap of fabric was going to cost me an arm and a leg!!!! I was just in sticker shock. I did manage to find a really cute little skirt at 70% off so it was only $15.00. Then I popped over to PetSmart. The dogs needed some new toys. I found this really cute stuffed frog and was really happy to see that it was a KONG toy!!! Kong now makes stuffed toys which is good because usually my dogs have their stuffed animals torn and eaten in 20 minutes. So far...froggie is laying by Brigen and still intact. We also got some new squeaky tennis balls. I have some very happy puppy dogs tonight!!!

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Cindy F. said...

BRS is so pretty! I'm switching up nightly too to keep from getting bored!

The deal you got on your skirt is the kind of deals I like!

Kong toys...hmmm...never heard of those. We were buying some other brand, I can't think of now, but they are impossible to find here.
Our Lizzie's mission is to get the squeaker out immediately too! Thanks for sharing! We'll check those out.