Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mardi Gras mask

Today was the last day of school with the students!!! Tomorrow is my official last day...I can't wait!!! I am so ready for school to be out!!! I had a cookout for the sped staff tonight at my house. Mark grills hamburgers and hotdogs for everyone. We all had just a wonderful time. It was very nice to sit and visit with everyone. It seems everyone had a very nice time.

Not much stitching to report. I have been working on my Mardi Gras mask off and on this week. I hope to finish it soon and I plan on adding ribbons, beads and feathers to the finished piece. Hopefully, it will be an actuall mask when I am finished!!!

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Chiloe said...

COlors are great! Do you enjoy stitching on black?

DO you have any summer vacations plan yet? (beside Disneyland of course ;-) )