Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cinderella Update and Secret Sister gift

I opened my mailbox today and found a package from Marta!! I was in charge of the ILCS Secret Sister group and there were so many people that wanted to participate, including myself. I asked Marta to be my Not-so-Secret sister. She agreed because she knew how much I wanted to play. This is my favorite exchange. Marta sent me several things:
1) HEAD charts -You make my heart melt. This is a very cute penguin chart.
2) LK Chart - Cross Stitcher in REsidence
3)Blackbird Designs - Small Token
4) skien of caron wildflowers
5) 18x27 white evenweave
6) 18 x 26 32 ct. Linen Silkweaver- Turbulence
7) Red Striped Cross stitch towel
Sarah, her daughter drew me two beautiful pictures and she sent me a Hannah Montana noisemaker and some a pack of candy!!
On the stitchng side, I pulled out Cinderella and started the bead work. My friend Debbie loaned me her 17 inch q-snaps for this design so that means I can bead as I go. Which makes it very nice. The bead work is making the design pop!!


Shari said...

wow!!!!!!!!!!! Great job secret sister!!!!!!!!!! I see charts in that group that I love!!! You were spoiled greatly!!!
I can't click on the picture to see it! Sorry!
You are progressing so good!

Debra said...

Great gifts from your SS.
Tried to get a close up of your stitching but couldn't.

Marta said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the goodies. I loved shopping for you! Have a blast with the stash.
Huggles Marta and Sarah