Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What would you do?

I have a slight dilemma and I am not sure what to do? Last month I paid my entire retreat fee to go to my LNS yearly camp. However, while I was at my retreat I had an invitation from an old friend from my first job telling me we were having a get together on that day. Now, before you start shaking your head saying go to the retreat....These were GREAT friends. We have kept up with each other via emails, christmas cards, weddings etc. It has been YEARS since all of us has been in the same place at one time. We were more than just friends...we were a family. Some of them called my mother Mom....There is this HUGE part of me that wants to meet up with them. I thought about doing both, but we are meeting at one of their homes which is 1.5 hours away. It is sort of a reunion that I actually want to attend. So what would you do?

Here are a couple more pictures of the ILCS retreat. One of them is of Karin, Pam and Debra at the kiddie park, the other is Karin and I with Santa....last but not least...we have Karin in the fish tank at the Aquariaum (sp?)


Shari said...

what a tough choice! I think as much as I love stitching, I would do the other. It is so hard to get together with old friends. I say go for it!

Debra said...

nice pictures. It was a long of fun. I say old friends.