Monday, October 12, 2009

Date Night!!

DH emailed me today while I was at work. He invited me to dinner and a movie!! We hadn't done that in a while so I was really excited. We went and saw the movie "The Informant" with Matt Damon. I hadn't heard much about it so I wasn't sure what to expect with it. I really didn;t care for it. It had the off kilter humor of the TV show "The Office". I just don't get that type of humor so the movie wasn't all that great. It did have some great one liners that made us laugh. If Mark hadn't wanted to see it, I think it would have been a renter for us.
After the movie we went to eat at the Outback Steakhouse. They have GREAT steaks!! I love their Bleu cheese pecan salad. YUM!!!

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