Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stitching update

I have been very busy just stitching away. A couple of people have pointed out to me that I was supposed to finish a couple of projects BEFORE I start a new one...so I will do that..My stitching parlor design will wait until I finish 3 projects. So that being typed...Here is what I have been working on since my last update.

Cherokee child: Finished page 5!! Only 4 pages to go!! She is turning out so pretty

LK Boo Flip-its: I have finished the first 8 designs. BTW Becki...I didn't have to frog Pumpkin...sorry couldn't resist

Mirabillia Cinderella- Worked on her dress and added more beads

Ozark Sampler SAL - Finished parts 1-6

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Everything Jane Austen Challenge!!

I was reading a post by Tanya from the Sampler girl. She sent us a link to this wonderful blog that is hosting an Everything Jane Austen Challenge. I love Jane Austen...she is one of my favorite writers. Just this week I rewatched Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth and Sense & Sensibility. I decided to join this challenge.

The details! The Everything Austen Challenge will run for six months (July 1, 2009 – January 1, 2010)! All you need to do is pick out what six Austen-themed things you want to finish to complete the challenge. So here are my things:

2) Stitch "The Daughters of Longbourn" by the Stitching Parlor

4) Watch the movie Lost in Austen

5) Read: Mr. Darcy's Diary by Amanda Grange

6) Read: Northanger Abbey

Ok..here are my 6 things~~ I can't wait!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Wintery Heirloom and Family updates

Kim and I made a decision to stitch this pattern together and work on it for 3 hours a week. I haven't worked on it in a couple of weeks so yesterday I really didn't feel like going out and doing anything so...I stitched on AWH for over 8 hours!!! Yes, summer break is a wonderful thing!!! I hope to finish page 2 by the time I go back to school in August. I was moving right along since it was only sky but then I ran into another dreaded tree!!! Yep!! This page has another tree!!!!

I called Disney today to check to see if the dining plan was available for the time of our trip but unfortuantely since we are going as a cast members guest, the dining plan is not offered. However, our trip is so close and we are getting very excited.

I am getting anxious and very sad right now. My sister, niece, nephew and BIL are all moving to New Delih, India on Tuesday. I am not sure how my mom is going to make it without her grandchildren. It is going to be a very sad day. Another sad note, they are not expecting my grandmother to make it home after this last stroke. It has been discussed that she is not doing well at all and will need to go into a nursing home because she will need round the clock care. It is very hard to see my grandmother who used to be very strong and outgoing turn into this very frail elderly lady who is losing her memory.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ozark Sampler SAL

I had a very busy day today!!! First, I had to run by the library and get turn in my overdue books. Yes, I know that is a very terrible of me but I lost track of time and they were a couple of days late. Then, I ran by my LNS and dropped off the models Mary loaned us for the retreat. I also told Sara that I wouldn't be able to attend camp. I decided to take a store credit for the majority of the cost except for the non-refundable part. I did manage to clean out most of my layway bag so that means I have even more projects to work to stitch. After that, off to the mall....I got an email yesterday telling me that the mall was offering free $10 GC to people who belong to the mall club. I also had a $10.00 GC to JC Penny's...so I did some shopping. I bought some new shorts for summer. My final stop was Wal-mart. The Bentonville Wal-mart is remodeling so it was a pain to figure out. They say it is shopper friendly...but it isn't!!! I always wonder why they don't put the bread and milk near the front of the store...but ours is all the way in the back. I guess it is so you might do some more shopping.

I came home and started working on my Ozark Sampler SAL. I have completed parts 1,2, 3, 4, and 6. Part 5....I need to work on.. I did decide to try out a new recipe for baked mac and cheese. It sounded good....It took an hour to make...and it tasted like doggie doo....yes you read that right...doggie doo!!! It was so bad my DH wouldn't eat it. I followed the recipe to the tee...but it was bad!!! So we had oreos for dinner!! Very healthy huh?

Stitching Question: Have you ever looked at a project you have started...was excited about at first but later on...you look at it and decide you just HATE it?? I did that tonight. I love the Stoney Creek - Hometown Afghan design...I started stitching it on weeks dye works material. The more I looked at it...I just didn't like it...so tonight.... I made the decision not to stitch it. I cut out the first part that I had done and now my kitty is laying on it. I plan to stitch this design but not sure if I want to stitch it on an actual afghan (like it calls for ) or to do individual squares and have it turned into a quilt. I am thinking the latter.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What would you do?

I have a slight dilemma and I am not sure what to do? Last month I paid my entire retreat fee to go to my LNS yearly camp. However, while I was at my retreat I had an invitation from an old friend from my first job telling me we were having a get together on that day. Now, before you start shaking your head saying go to the retreat....These were GREAT friends. We have kept up with each other via emails, christmas cards, weddings etc. It has been YEARS since all of us has been in the same place at one time. We were more than just friends...we were a family. Some of them called my mother Mom....There is this HUGE part of me that wants to meet up with them. I thought about doing both, but we are meeting at one of their homes which is 1.5 hours away. It is sort of a reunion that I actually want to attend. So what would you do?

Here are a couple more pictures of the ILCS retreat. One of them is of Karin, Pam and Debra at the kiddie park, the other is Karin and I with Santa....last but not least...we have Karin in the fish tank at the Aquariaum (sp?)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I got home from my retreat very LATE Sunday night. I was exhausted...I have to tell you it is a VERY long drive from Pigeon Forge, TN to Bella Vista, AR!!! I had a BLAST!!! There is so much to tell you but I am still tired from this trip so I will be posting small updates. My friend Becki from my LNS came with me. We managed to stop at 3 LNS before we picked up Karin in Nashville. Then we stopped at 2 more!! They were just wonderful!!! I shopped way too much before the retreat started..

While at the retreat, I worked on my BRD sewing sampler. I decided the retreat was the perfect place to work on all those little squares....I thought..how could I win the frog this year, right?? Wrong!!! The sad thing is, I didn't win the frog by stitching I won the frog because I kept screwing up my beaded ornament that Debra was teaching us how to create. Well, I kept screwing mine up....so I won the frog ...this is 3 years running. I can't believe I did that...back to the stitching update. I spent my stitching time working on my BRD...well today I finished it!!! Yes I have a finish...I think I am down to 15 projects.

I also managed to buy fabrics for 9 projects!!! So, I think I am really think that I am well stocked on designs to work on for quite some time.. My friend Kim mailed me some wonderful Tiara q-snap huggers. I plan on using them with my Cinderella design from Nora Corbett. I am just loving this design...it looks so pretty. I will post an update later on!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Beading UGH!!!

I just have to let you know that I really HATE beading!!! I worked on my Cinderella piece this afternoon and I finished the beading on the castle. I have to say this is the most tedious job you could possibly do!! I have to say though, if you have to bead then you MUST buy a Tacky Bob. If you haven't used one..they are fabulous. They have sticky surface on both side where you can just pour your beads onto them and they stay in place!!! They only move when you pick them up with your needle. It made beading Cinderella very easy!!!

I worked on Cherokee Child yesterday. I am about 1/2 way finished with page 5!! I am so excited. My goal is to finish it by the end of the year. I just love this design. I looked at her and realized I stitched her little hand yesterday.

I am off to the retreat tomorrow. I finished the thank you notes today. I have kitted everything up and just about ready to start packing things up. I went to the grocery store for DH so he will have food to eat while I am out of town. All I have left to do is load up the truck. Then I am off to pick up Becki in Springdale. We are going to stop in Ft. Smith so I can see my grandma who is still in the hospital. Then we are going to pop over to a couple of really good used book stores. After that...we are off to the stitchers garden for their stitch in. I am not sure where we will spend the night. We plan on driving until we get tired!!!!!

Planning a retreat

I have to say Planning a Retreat is hard work. Today, I had to go to my LNS and pick up the fiber order I placed. Then, I had to start putting the fiber class items together so everyone has all the supplies they will need for the class. I also wrote out more thank you notes along with making lists of what I will need to bring!!! Tomorrow I get to start printing out directions to where we are going.

I worked on my Ozark Sampler spring sampler design. This is from one of our fiber class. It is stitching up rather cute. I hope to be finished with it soon. I joined a new SAL that my friend Shari is the USA Host. It is a sampler by Mary Wigham. It is divided into nine parts and the best part...free (you are encouraged to make a $1.00 donation for each section you download). The design is beautiful. I just need to dig out the fabrics and fibers. I have 19 projects...what the heck is one more in the batch???

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Busy Saturday

Today started off busy. The boys had a grooming appointment at 9:00 am. So off we went, then coming home I saw a great yard sale sign and me loving yard sales had to stop. Well, it wasn't just one house it was the WHOLE street. It was fun going through everyone elses items. However, there was just nothing I couldn't live without today.

I went to a ladies tea with my mom. The tables were set up beautiful, the tea was wonderful. The serving sizes left something to be desired. I left the tea hungry!!! Isn't that funny. I had to stop at Sonic for something to snack on when we left. When I got home I layed down on the couch for a bit and when I woke up, the Razorback baseball game was on!!! I am happy to say that the Razorbacks are headed to Omaha!!! Incase you are scratching your head....we are headed to the College Baseball World Series!!!! It was a very exciting game. It actually came down to the bottom of the 9th!!

I picked the boys up from the groomers...Tusk immediately went and rolled in the dirt! Go figured. Mom and I went to Hobby Lobby and Bath and Body works. I hit a HUGE sale at BBW. I actually found some really cute things to use at the retreat I am going to next week.

When I got home, I started getting items ready for the retreat. I had fabric to sew the edges, fibers to gather, Thank you notes to write....several thank you notes to write.

DH picked up PF Changs for dinner and then I have spent the rest of the evening stitching. I worked on my Historical fashions this week. I am on Couple #5. I don't have much completed on this couple as of yet. But they are coming along.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Schools out for summer!!

Yes it is!!! Today was my last day of school!!! Let me tell you how excited I am to be out on summer vacation. I am getting ready for my cross stitch retreat that starts next week. I spent today working on some very cute Halloween Ornaments that I can't show off until next week. I also worked on my HAED - A wintery heirloom today. I put in about 700 stitches and the only progress I have is blue sky. Tomorrow I am going to a ladies tea with my mom. I am not sure what happens at these but she did call and tell me NOT to wear jeans. I had to reassure my mother that I would dress appropriate for the occasion.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mardi Gras mask

Today was the last day of school with the students!!! Tomorrow is my official last day...I can't wait!!! I am so ready for school to be out!!! I had a cookout for the sped staff tonight at my house. Mark grills hamburgers and hotdogs for everyone. We all had just a wonderful time. It was very nice to sit and visit with everyone. It seems everyone had a very nice time.

Not much stitching to report. I have been working on my Mardi Gras mask off and on this week. I hope to finish it soon and I plan on adding ribbons, beads and feathers to the finished piece. Hopefully, it will be an actuall mask when I am finished!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cinderella Update and Secret Sister gift

I opened my mailbox today and found a package from Marta!! I was in charge of the ILCS Secret Sister group and there were so many people that wanted to participate, including myself. I asked Marta to be my Not-so-Secret sister. She agreed because she knew how much I wanted to play. This is my favorite exchange. Marta sent me several things:
1) HEAD charts -You make my heart melt. This is a very cute penguin chart.
2) LK Chart - Cross Stitcher in REsidence
3)Blackbird Designs - Small Token
4) skien of caron wildflowers
5) 18x27 white evenweave
6) 18 x 26 32 ct. Linen Silkweaver- Turbulence
7) Red Striped Cross stitch towel
Sarah, her daughter drew me two beautiful pictures and she sent me a Hannah Montana noisemaker and some a pack of candy!!
On the stitchng side, I pulled out Cinderella and started the bead work. My friend Debbie loaned me her 17 inch q-snaps for this design so that means I can bead as I go. Which makes it very nice. The bead work is making the design pop!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blue Ribbon Sampler

I have been switching up projects the last couple of nights. Last night I pulled out my Blue Ribbon Sampler. I am just about finished with page 2!!!! I have to admit that I am tired of having 19 plus projects going at one time!! So I am working on a different project every night. I figure if I keep doing this eventually I will get something finished!! I have no idea how I get myself into these situations. I see a project and I just have to start it!!! I just can't help myself!!!

Mom and I met up at the mall tonight. We went into Dillards and I found the cutest dress. It was this little blue sundress and it was actually in my size. I was seriously going to get it until I looked at the price tag...$168!!! Can you believe it? This little scrap of fabric was going to cost me an arm and a leg!!!! I was just in sticker shock. I did manage to find a really cute little skirt at 70% off so it was only $15.00. Then I popped over to PetSmart. The dogs needed some new toys. I found this really cute stuffed frog and was really happy to see that it was a KONG toy!!! Kong now makes stuffed toys which is good because usually my dogs have their stuffed animals torn and eaten in 20 minutes. So far...froggie is laying by Brigen and still intact. We also got some new squeaky tennis balls. I have some very happy puppy dogs tonight!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cherokee child

I pulled Cherokee Child out last night to stitch. I haven't worked on her in a while. I had forgotten how pretty she is while I am working on her. I have about 5 pages left on her before she is completely finished. It seems like a lot but she is stitching up pretty quick.

I came home today and opened my mailbox. Inside was my Mickey Mail!!!! You read right...I got mickey mail. Actually all my Magical express luggage tags and boarding passes arrived. You know it is getting close when Mickey sends you mail to come visit him!!!