Thursday, December 30, 2010

Afghan update and Dragon Finish

I have reached the 1/2 point on one of my baby blankets. It is turning out so cute!! The baby isn't due until April so I have some time to finish it (I hope, that is). I finished Karin's ornament for the RR. I love how the scales turned out. The Krenick I used really made a difference.
I have a question that I would like some input on if you feel like commenting. I just want to make sure that I am not wrong to feel like this is just wrong. My LNS is having a HUGE sale on Friday. The email went out on Christmas Eve what the End of the year sale was going to be. Friday was the best day, 70% off the entire store from 9-10 am, 50% from 10- 12 and then 40% off in the afternoon. Talk about excited, I had won a $50 GC in a Drawing and was really going to do some shopping. Of course, I would have spent more than the GC. We were making plans to attend. Tuesday I got an email letting us know that she has placed restrictions on the sale. So now we will not be able to use our GCs, coupons and or any other discounts we may have in our possession. I find this is bad business. I think that if a store gives you/sells you a GC then you should be able to use it when you want. I understand this is her store, however, I also think the restrictions should have be placed in the first email announcing the sale. What do you think? I have decided not to attend the sale. I was so excited about using my GC and now I am just not going to go. I have so much stash that I will use the GC later. There is no expiration date on the GC so I will use it later on for some fibers or something.


Terri said...

Looks great Vickie :)

Julie R~Bloomington said...

Cute Afghan...this is inspiring me to work on mine!!!

Meari said...

Your afghan is adorable.

I agree with you on the LNS deal. It shouldn't matter whether you pay cash or use a GC. That's enough to make me shop elsewhere. It's poor customer relations. I see what she's trying to do, though... Increase sales and cash flow by restricting use of GC's.

Janeth said...

There are other promotions going on at the shop all week. Tues was buy one/get one free. You could have used your GC then and gone on Friday for the 70% off. You would have the best of both days!

Silverlotus said...

You should absolutely be able to use the gift card. It is money that has already been paid to them that they are gathering interest on. Up here in Ontario, restrictions can not be placed on gift card usage. You might want to check your state laws.

I do, however, think it is okay to limit the use of coupons. They are just a sale you use when you want to, and since it is already a sale it is understandable to limit the use of coupons.

By Hoki Quilts said...

I feel that if there were to be restrictions on the sale they should have been advertised at the time of the announcement of the sale. I don't blame you for feeling a bit 'miffed'. Save your certificate for later when you are feeling abit better about the store and its owner. Which reminds me, just a word of caution, do phone and check on the expirary time on you GC - you may be surprised. Good luck.

Debra said...

Your stitching looks great, love the blanket.
I agree about the GC, you should be able to use that at any time, sale or no sale. I do understand about not using other coupons or discounts during the "sale".

Blu said...

The Dragon Dreams is so cute!

Not very "promoting business" (if that makes any sense) of them to ban GCs. A GC is money already in the bank, why should it matter when it gets used?
The no combining coupons/discounts is how most sales around here are, so I'd be fine with that.

Sew Wilde said...

Love the afghan! It looks so cute!

Sorry you didn't get to use your GC for the sale. They should have told you in the first email.