Sunday, December 26, 2010

Where would you like to go???

I have added a new ticker to my blog. I am the most unmotivated person in the world when it comes to exercise. To make matters jeans are so tight I had to move up a size which put me in double digits sizes!! I know some may roll their eyes but I was a size 2 when I graduated from graduate school in 2000. I was a perfect size 4 when Mark and I met....from then it has gone downhill and Up in sizes for me. So I am going to make myself lose weight. I checked an online weight calculator and for my height/frame etc....I should be 105 lbs!!!! Which means I am 35 lbs overweight!!! Which is VERY scary for me. Since my favorite place on earth is Disney World...I have decided I am going to walk there by using the treadmill and/or park trails while walking the dogs. I always stay at the Wilderness Lodge Hotel and that is where I am walking too. In case you are wondering, I went to google maps and put in the address to my location and clicked the walking icon. In reality, it would take me 14 days and 21 hours to walk there. The picture was taken from our room at the Wilderness Lodge this past June.
In case you are wondering...I am treating myself to a week at the Wilderness Lodge once I have walked there. I will tell Mark when I reach 1/2 way towards my goal. His thoughts of Disney is that it is HELL ON EARTH!! He would rather pull out his fingernails than go to Disney...but if I do this...lose my 35 lbs then he has to go with me!!! It will be my reward and his week of torture!!
So my question is...Does anyone else want to join me on this little adventure of mine?? If you had to pick a favorite location to walk to ...where would you go???


Debra said...

You can do it! I just need to drop 6 pounds. Good luck.

Shari said...

that is a great way to think about your walking/weight loss....gee...where would I walk to???
I walk on the treadmill each & every day, but never thought about it as walking to somewhere fun!!!
where did you find the thing that tells the size you should be? Would love to look.....I bet I have 15 lbs to be what it would say!

Susan said...

What a great idea, Vickie! Now I'm just trying to decide where to walk to lose at least 30 lbs.

Debra said...

Your walking meter hasn't moved. What are you doing? LOL!

Carol's Stitching said...

I decided to join you on the walk but I'm going to Niagara Falls totaling 405 miles. There is a blog link over to your blog from my post. :) Looking forward to walking in the New Year!