Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stitching, Quilting, and Round Robins

I am officially on Christmas Break!!!! I honestly didn't think I would survive the first nine weeks. I have LOTS to show off!! In my last post, I explained about the ornament exchange for my stitching group. This is the ornament tree of everyone's completed ornaments from the JCS 2010 ornament issue. Everyone was given a kit with the fabric, fibers and finishing trim. I was able to get 5 new kits!! WHO-HOOO!!!This is pretty panel of fabric I found at a discount fabric store on my way to Branson, MO one day. I just added the back, stuffing, border and I had a Christmas present for my secret pal at work.
I took a quilting class earlier this year and this was our project. Since we took the class in Oct, I made a Halloween throw. I just finished it because I really hate the binding part of quilting. Too me that is just tedious stitching and I don't like it. However, I wanted to get this out of my to be finished pile and I bit the bullet to finish it.I was in a RR in my Ozark Sampler group and I decided to have stitched these cute little cupcakes using Ozark Samplers threads. I have had these in my to be stitched pile for a while and thought they would make a cute RR design. The sprinkles are beads.

I have to add this to my To be Stitched pile since I still need one more cupcake to finish and it looks like I need to finish backstitching one of my wrappers.
This week I plan on finishing a RR ornament of Karin which is a Dragon Dreams pattern. I am hoping she likes what I have done with it...I changed the fabric and changed one of the Krenick threads because I thought they would look better. SHHH!!! We just won't tell her I did this...lets just keep it here between us!!

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Debra said...

Nice stitching love the cupcakes, the halloween quilt is so pretty.