Friday, January 21, 2011

D, E, and F Teddy Bears

I used my snow day productively today. I was able to stitch all afternoon and evening. It is amazing how much I can get stitched when I don't have my computer on and I am checking emails or playing on my frontier or Island on Facebook. I have 20 letters to complete on this one and 14 on the other one. I hope to have them finished by the time the babies are born in April.
In case anyone is wondering, the only thing Gibbs ate today was a tennis ball. He did try and play in the trashcan but he got a spanking for that...yes I am a bad mom for spanking my dog. Right now he is chewing on his log of wood . Yes, the boys have a firelog to use as a chew toy, it is better than eating my table or chair legs, or the molding around the windows (the older dogs did that).


Jo said...

You're whizzing along with these Vickie, they look great.

Agree with the firelog for Gibbs. Our dog had an old slipper of my dads and a bit of spare wood from the garden. Worked wonders.

Berly said...

Those afghans are going to be adorable! We used old handtowels for Fuzz. We tied a big knot in the middle and gave it to him. Firelogs work good too!