Tuesday, January 11, 2011

UFO Poll Results and RR finish

The poll results are in and I am a little shocked. I thought people would vote on the projects that were close to being finished but boy was I wrong!!! As you can see they chose for me to stitch my HAED Faery Tales. This is the one project that has the least amount of work done on it and is the BIGGEST UFO I have!!! The design is 49 pages long and I have finished 2!! So there are 47 pages left to stitch. The runners up on this poll were my Disney Castle and Victorian Village. Since I am on a snow day today I will go pull the fibers for this chart so I can work on it on Sunday's. This will be my UFO day.
This is my finished section of the RR I am participating in my Ozark Samplers Group. This is Angela's design, a Carriage House Samplers chart. She decided to stitch it in blues...very lovely! I did the part below the letters S-Z....Mary I believe stitched the HUGE center design in this section and I completed the medium and smaller designs. It is really pretty!!


Meari said...

Well, you'd better get started on it!!

Terri said...

Great finish Vickie. But here is a thought as well. You can do one page of that then go to something that is almost done on Sundays then Go back and do another page then go do a different one to finish on Sunday.
Just a thought

Berly said...

Ooo, I like that one! And the RR is beautiful! And, what Terri said!

Debra said...

Can't wait to see you stitch the ufo.