Monday, January 17, 2011

Ozark Sampler Aghan

As most of you know I take a class once a month from Mary(AKA Ozark Sampler Designs) at my local LNS. This year it was decided that the monthly class would be a great afghan design. There would 12 designs from Mary, one for each month, and then we are supposed to find a quilt design. It can be any quilt design, we are just to use the same colors we used on that month's design. As you can see I am 1/2 finished with my first months design. I think I am going to use the free quilt Cross stitch patterns from Cyberstitchers. I typed in the word "quilt" in the search box and there were several cute ones!
On the not so funny note, I thought I would share a "Guess What Gibbs ate today????" it seems that Gibbs found my book that I was reading. I had gone to take a shower, laid my book on the arm of charm marking my spot. Gibbs decided he needed my book. I wouldn't have minded so much if he had eaten the part of the book I had already read....but he at the part I hadn't read so now I have no idea who the killer was in my mystery!!! I am going to have to go to paperbackswap and order a new one!!!! Mark thought it was kinda funny....since this is the 2nd book he has eaten. At least this one wasn't a library book I had to replace. What am I going to do with this dog?
Mark and I have started something new in our house. We are going to start eating dinner at the dinner table instead of TV trays in front of the TV. We are going to see how this works. This was the first time in 5 years just the 2 of us at the table. It was kinda fun!!!!!


Berly said...

Sounds like Gibbs needs more fiber in his diet! What book were you reading? If I've read it, I can tell you who did it! :)

Annette B said...

He sounds like he really likes books.

Debra said...

poor Gibbs.