Saturday, August 27, 2011

2012 UFO Challenge

I know I have said this numerous times that I hate UFO's. Whether they are quilting UFOs, Cross stitching UFOs or any other type of stitching related UFO's. MINNA is holding another Crazy start 15 projects in 2012 for the first 15 days of the year.
I can't do that...I do have a number of projects that I want to start but I have over 15 UFO"s that need to be finished!!!

So I am going to host a
"Lets finish 6 UFO's in the year 2012" Challenge. The rules are:

1. Dig out ALL your UFOS (yes Kim M. Kim R. and Becki ALL OF THEM)
2. Post on my blog how many you have
3. Pick 6 you want to finish - this would be one every 2 months
4. Enjoy your finished UFOS

There is a poll in the upper right hand corner for you to answer on your UFO"S. It is all stitch related items.

I can't wait to see how many decide to participate and how much stitching we get finished!!!!! This doesn't start until January 1, 2012 so you have plenty of time to dig and root around until you find them ALL!!!

I have listed all mine on my blog so everyone knows how many I have and what I need to finish.


AnaMarie said...

I keep mine in a sidebar on my blog, I keep the 100% finished ones up there until I actually blog about them - I've got A LOT in that category!

Silverlotus said...

I am definitely focusing on UFOs next year, as well as probably continuing on with my ornament of the month project (maybe Halloween ornaments?). (I have to admit that there is a project or two... or three, that I want to start before the end of the year so I can work on them next year.)

Measi of Measi's Musings has been talking about staring WIPocalypse in 2012.

Susan said...

I'm definitely in on this! I keep plugging away at my list and try to whittle it down, but somehow those new starts creep in.

Vicky L said...

I am not sure about this one. I joined the 2012 challenge. I might do this one with you too.

socialsue said...

I have many UFOs in my folder waiting for me to get back to them. I will join in on this challenge with you.


Rachel S said...

I'd like to join, but don't know how many UFOs I have, but I can pick 6.

Kay said...

Would love to join & I am sure I can find six,:):). I'm looking forward to the encouragement from all the other members of this group.

Terri G said...

I would love to join you! I have many more than six UFOs :) Thanks for starting this!!

Sherry said...

This sounds interesting and like something I should do. I've gotten a few old ufo's finished this year but have more to go!

mrsxmw said...

I have too, decided to finish some ufo's next year. Maybe this will help me.I will have to dig them out and post them.
Good luck everybody!
Debbie N.S.

Alaskanance said...

This is a great idea! I found some UFOs. Oh, the horror! I like to stitch one thing at a time - and finish - before moving on to the next project. I found some things I started years ago and for whatever reasons, never finished.

I'm joining this challenge. I'll count and list them later.

Oh, and I'll look around at your stitching later, too. :)

Thanks for this Vickie. :)

Christine said...

I am so IN for this challenge! I did the Crazy January Challenge last year and loved it but now I need to do some serious finishing so thank you for starting this! It should updated within the next week on my blog.