Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ballerina update and school has started

I have completed one week of school. That means only 35 weeks to go! I am enjoying my kids a lot and i get to teach math all day! The only thing I don't like is that I wore yoga pants and shorts most of the summer and it seems I put on some weight because I can't fit in my capris! I have been wearing skirts because they fit! Diet time!
MArk came in yesterday to let me know that the company trip this year is in Rome! He really wants us to go but it all depends on the dates. I have to say I am hoping it is when I can get off work...wouldn't that be so cool?
As you can see, I have worked on ballerina this week. I put in 5,480 stitches this week. You may think. "WOW! That is a lot of stitches!" but I will confess that most were half stitches. She is 30% completed. I did make the decision not to put Cinderella in the fair. I am ok with it...maybe I will do something next year.
Thanks in advance for the compliments, I just love them all!


sharine said...

She looks beautiful and fingers crossed you can get to Rome

Julie said...

Great progress on your ballerina and how exciting about Rome!