Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Off to Rome!!!

Mark and I talked about it and we are going on the company trip to Rome, Italy!! I am so excited! When he mentioned the trip, I was prepared not to be able to go since the trips are usually in April. However, this time it is in July!! We will be there one of the last two weeks of July. The best part of this trip is that his company will pay for his trip- plane ticket, hotel and a few meals, all because he has been at the company for more than 2 years!!! The spouses get to go for a cost of $1500. I am so thrilled!!!! I can't believe it!!! One week in Rome!


sharine said...

Woohoo that will be awesome!

mdgtjulie said...

Oh, wow, what wonderful news. I think that's just great! I really hope you enjoy it. BTW, that's a great piccy of the Coliseum. What all do you want to see?

Sew Wilde said...

That is wonderful!! I look forward to seeing your pictures. I think Rome would be a wonderful place to visit.