Sunday, August 28, 2011

What a Week!!!

First, I will start off with stitchy stuff....I worked on Ballerina this week. I have 38.2% of her completed. I was also able to finish 1 page of the 4 page design. She is looking great! I mailed my Disney ornament RR to Berly. Hopefully she will get it soon. I also bought a new stitching magazine that has the first part of a three part Sandy Littlejohn design. The design is titled Ladies Day at Ascot. The link goes to the Cross stitch Collection Facebook photo album. This is the cover but the picture isn't all that clear.


On Saturday, I stopped by my LNS and I bought the JCS Halloween Collector edition. I LOVE IT!!!!! Can't decide which one I want to stitch first and on the note of starting something new...I am hosting a 2012 UFO Challenge if anyone is interested....I want my UFO's finished!!!!!

It has been a week!! I have been to work at 7:00 am every morning and I don't usually leave until 5:30 or 6:00. I LOVE teaching math but I have forgotten what it is like to have needy parents. I have some parents who feel the need to email me numerous times a day over things I don't need to know about! In case your a wondering, I do not need to know about these things: How much you tore during your pregnancy, that your child is having issues with their crotch area, that your child was a bed wetter and anything else that does not deal with educational issues. There are things your childs teacher needs to know...we do need to know about: if your child can read, is being bullied, needs math help etc. These are things I need to know. I am NOT kidding these are things that were told to me this week.
I finally went through all my files and figured out that I get to hold 13 for every student on my caseload. The previous teacher, who has since moved out of the district, did not do their paperwork correctly so I am stuck cleaning up the mess. LUCKY ME!!!!
I received the BEST prize in the mail this week. It was my friend Janice who is a local lady in our stitching group. I was unable to go to the stitching meeting last weekend because I was exhausted and just didn't feel all that great. I have to say that she made my week!! I actually teared up when I saw what she sent and because I just needed this pick me up. What did she send me you ask?? Well, She sent me:

Isn't that bag just the cutest??? The flip flop container is filled with Key Lime Mints, Regular mints and a a beautiful star charm. Bert and Jag loved the bags too. Jag had to cover up the puppy and Bert just wanted to see what was inside!

I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends!!! Thank you from the bottom of my hear Janice!!!!!


Wanda said...

Love the progress on Ballerina. It is going to be a gorgeous piece. Just found your blog and have bookmarked it. I will be back more often now. Good luck on your 3rd week of school.
I have a Board Meeting and the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders tomorrow. When I got up to go downstairs to work out this AM, I wondered aloud whether I could be sick tomorrow. Shocked the heck out of John. "I don't think I ever heard you say that before", he said. My day tomorrow will be as stressful as a week is normally. LOL Wanda in Edmonton

mdgtjulie said...

What cool stuff you got. Grats on all the new acquisitions. Here's hoping the year goes well for you. Sorry about the needy parents. Maybe you could gently outline what things you need to know? Your progress on the Ballerina is gorgeous. I'm loving it more and more!!

Shari said...

ballerina looks great Vickie!!! Your stitching speed amazes me!
Oh my about the they really feel you need to know that stuff?!?!

Berly said...

Ballerina is looking great! I'm so scared about teaching! Great prize package! What in the world are you saving your SB for???

Meari said...

The ballerina looks beautiful, Vickie.

What a nice pick-me-up after a long week. Hang in there! There's only 8 more months to go, LOL, before summer break.

Jo said...

Your progress on ballerina is wonderful, she's looking amazing.

Sarah said...

What a lovely package and so pleased it picked you up. Ballerina is looking wonderful.