Monday, June 11, 2012

AWH update, summer goals, and College

Last week was ROUGH!!  I had Math/Physics workshops that was held at the University of Arkansas.  I realized that I am not that smart being around all those Physics teachers!!!  It was an interesting few days. I did enjoy staying in the dorms and being on campus again.  

I enjoy it so much that I am headed back to college.  In order to finish my teaching certificate for 4-8 grade regular education I need to take Arkansas History.  I found out that the local community college offers classes for free for certified teachers. You just have pay the other fees involved.  I will be starting class on July 2 through Aug. 3, Monday -Thursday 6-8 pm.  I contacted the instructor and explained about my trip to Rome...he told me not to worry about.  Just get the notes from a classmate and make up any exam I may miss!!!

AWH was on the rotation this week. This is the before picture of AWH.....

I made some progress on this rotation......When I finish this page, I will be at the halfway mark on the first row of pages!!!!  

Wanted to share a photo of Bert and Gibbs.  They are such good buddies!  We can ask Gibbs where his cat is and he will go find Bert!!!

Dining room table is looking better.....

However, the pile of laundry on the bed isn't looking good at all!!!!

Look who I found hiding in the clothes...Jag didn't look to happy at me when I found his hiding spot!

I have made Great progress on my goals!!!!
Summer goals so far:
1. Clean out laundry room
2 Clean out desk Area in Kitchen
3. Go through the laundry basket of magazines so they can be recycled
4. Organize recipes torn from the magazines into a recipe binder.  I found this awesome site to help me get organized.
5. Print all my pinned pinterest recipes.  I love this site so I am going to start printing and trying them out.  Will let you know how they turn out.
6. Make a binder of my pinterest holiday items.  
7. Wind all DMC Floss onto binders.  -Finished up to 801.
8.  Put one of each DMC color into a Jammer box so I can have a box for travel.
9. Write Common Core Goals for my classroom. - School goal
10. Write an assessment test  to go with the common goals - school thing
11. Write my Life Centered Career Lesson plans for my kiddo's
12. Review and figure out the Xtra Math website I want my kids to use next Year
14. Make a teacher binder for next year .
13. Make and mail a class supply list before July to all my kids.
15. Make a household binder.  This is an example.  I have several pinned on pinterest that I want to combine. 
16. Finish my Donor Choice application for supply donations to my classroom.
17. Make a shopping price list of all things that I use regularly so I know where the better buy will be.
18.  Get my photos organized. Right now they are stored in drawers, discs, flashdrives and my computer.  I need to get them in albums or photo boxes..something better than I have now.
19. Finish organizing my coupon binder.
20.  Finally go to the Electric Company and Cable company to get my name changed from my maiden name to my married name.  It only has been 6 years..


Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Good luck on your summer school class! Your stitching is coming along very well, as are your summer goals! Good for you!


Vicky L said...

Good luck on your summer class. Wintery Heirloom is looking wonderful.I love those blues! That is adorable of Gibbs finding Bert as his cat.

Shaunterria Owens said...

You are making great progress on Wintery Heirloom, and the dining room table looks a lot better. Congratulations on meeting those summer goals!

mdgtjulie said...

You're doing well, Vickie. Great job. I'm never that organized, lol. And A Wintery Heirloom looks fabulous. Keep up the good work.