Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just Like Heaven by Barbara Bretton

This was one of my poolside reads.  I checked it out from the library because the opening of the blurb was "It all started out with a red lace thong."  So, I thought, "WOW!!" this is going to be good.  I was wrong.  I hate to say that about a book, but I just didn't enjoy it.  I read the whole thing because I was at the pool and I didn't have anything else to read.  

After returning from an overseas trip, Kate suffers a heart attack in the college parking lot. She is rescued by a guy wearing a grateful dead tee shirt.  She has no idea who he is but she would like to thank him once she is recovered. Mark, her good samaritian, has no clue what who she was but he would like to check on her and to return some items she left in the parking lot once she collapsed.   He manages to track her down and sparks just fly.

I guess I just didn't like the characters and the story line.  

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