Friday, June 1, 2012

My Messiness and Disney Stitching!

As you know I have been very busy organizing my house.  I had someone ask me what I was doing with all the stuff.  I am throwing away and donating quite a bit.  If I don't put it back in the room, then it goes dining room table!!!  As you can see, it is a mess!!!  By the end of summer I hope that it is cleaned off and usable.

I went to an estate sale on Wednesday. The town I live in used to be known as a retirement village. So the majority of the population is retired and enjoying the life in AR.  I found a new glider rocker for my sewing room for $16.

I also found a new lounge chair to lay out in by the puppy pool. The chair and cushion (see next picture) was only $8.00

Gibbs is inspecting the new cushion....Inspect is all he can do because.....

If you look at my old chair, it is covered in duct tape, because Gibbs ate the good chair.   The duct tape worked for a while but it isn't holding up anymore.  This is the puppy pool that I like to hang out in and read.

I also found some sets of 6 linen napkins.  These were a steal at $1.50 each!!!!  

My desk is finally organized!!!!!  I pulled a chair in from the dining room until I can get a new one for the kitchen. Yes, my tea maker stays out since it is summer and you can't go a day without a glass of sweet ice tea!!

Here is my Fantasia piece!!!!  I worked on stairs this rotation.  I just love how this is turning out!!!


sharine said...

Fantasia is looking good!

Yana Hanim said...

love your glider... what a bargain, lucky you :)

Shari said...

you got some great bargains & are doing some major cleaning!
LOVE the stitching....again...details please!?!?! Would love to find it!

Cindy said...

Fantasia is looking good.
Great finds at the estate sale. I tend to stay away from them as I have enough stuff now.
Speaking of which when you are done organizing your house you can come to MA & organize mine LOL.

Linda said...

Your Fantasia is looking good. Great bargin finds.


SoCal Debbie said...

Great buys at the estate sale! Fantasia looks great! Have fun stitching by the pool this summer!

mdgtjulie said...

Looking great, Vickie. I love your Fantasia, it's looking fab. I loved the movie, so I'm enjoying watching the piece come to life. And nice new acquisitions. I really like the colors in that cushion. And the rocker looks pretty too. (Don't let Mr. Gibbs chew on either of them, lol.) Um, my coffee table and desk look a lot like your table atm. Stuff is piled high!!!

Jan said...

Great finds and organizing. Your stitching is looking fantastic