Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ghost in Trouble-Carolyn Hart

I just finished reading Ghost in Trouble by Carolyn Hart.  This is the 3rd book in the Bailey Ruth Raeburn series.  It is an excellent cozy mystery series.  This is fun fast read especially if you like mysteries.  The characters are entertaining and real to life. Carolyn Hart does an excellent job of writing the story where you can picture everything in your head as the story unfolds.

Bailey Ruth Raeburn is a ghost. She and her husband, Bobbie Mack, was lost in the Gulf of Mexico during a storm. They are currently residing in Heaven where Bailey Ruth works for the Department of Good Intentions that is led by Wiggins. This dept. sends heavenly guides out to help people in trouble and Wiggens watches over the guides as they complete their tasks.  

Bailey Ruth is sent back to her hometown, Adelaide, OK, to help out a lady she knew when she was alive and they did not get along. Throughout this adventure you are going to see Bailey Ruth break several Precepts (rules) as she tries to figure out who is causing all this chaos for Kay Clark. 

I have enjoyed this series.  The other two books are: Ghost at work and Merry, Merry Ghost.  

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Keebles said...

I absolutely LOVE ghost books, but since I live alone, they scare the living bejesus out of me! I've got quite a lot of Heather Graham's stuff though, but, as with stitching, have a massive stash built up! There isn't enough hours in the day!