Monday, June 11, 2012

Just Desserts by Barbara Bretton

I found this book in the library, read the title and then grabbed it.  I didn't bother reading the blurb on the back because I just LOVED the title.  I figured food must be involved somehow since it had a picture of a bakery on the cover.  Yes, I will admit I sometimes pick books by their cover!!!!  I read this by the pool on a very overcast day and I really ENJOYED IT!!! However, I came home a crispy critter from the pool because it was such an overcast day.

The book:
Haley owns a bakery in South Jersey.  She is struggling to keep her business open, her daughter, Lizzie, in school and all 5 pets fed.  One day she is offered the chance of a lifetime that will finally put her business on the map and won't have to worry about money as much as she does now.  She has been asked to bake a cake for the world famous aging Tommy Stiles.  She isn't sure why an this famous rocker who could have any baker in the world make his cake, has chosen her but she is going to do her best.

Little does Haley know that her mother had an affair with Tommy over 40 years ago which resulted in her mother becoming pregnant with Haley. Tommy has just found out he has a long lost daughter and is anxious to have a relationship with her.  He sends in he lawyer Finn to work out all the details.  When Finn sees Haley for the first time he is WOWED!!!  Sparks are flying....

Haley's Ex-Husband is a gambler who has gambled all their money away and is now IM'ing his daughter Lizzie for money out of her college fund to pay his debts!!!!!

Loved this book!!!  It was a great easy read, it had romance, a little mystery, a little danger...

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