Thursday, January 16, 2014

Scene 2 Sistine Chapel! Positive thought day 14 and 15

Met my goal tonight!  I finished one more page on Sistine chapel and finished scene 2!!!!  I am so excited.  I am going to have to change my goal of finishing 12 scenes this year.  I got to looking at the scenes and some are 15 pages long!!!  UGH! my Goal is to finish 100 pages this year.  I know that sounds even worse, but some of the pages only have 200 stitches on I think I can do it.  So far I have finished 3 pages this year, so only 97 to go!!

2 scenes of of Sistine Chapel

Page finished tonight!

Scene 2 completed.

Yesterday was such a terrible day at work I came home and popped a bowl of popcorn, melted real butter (GASP!!) and watched Hart of Dixie on my DVR.   I had a meeting after school with a parent who just doesn't want her child in my class.  It really upset me because in the meeting I wasn't a person, I was - She, Her, or That class. It really upsets me when parents do not think I have their childs best interest at heart.

Positive thought day 13:   I have to remember all the students lives I have touched in the past and the ones I am influencing now.  

Positive thought day 14:  I am thankful for a husband that doesn't care if I cook dinner or not.  I can give him a call and say, not cooking either you do or call it in somewhere.  Tonight, we had Bar-b-que from a local restaurant.  I went to pick it up and found out we have 2 of them in our town....want to guess how I found out we have 2 in our town??? That's right...I went to the wrong one!!!!!  Dinner was great though!!!!


Annie said...

Fantastic progress! It's looking great!

Melody said...

What a massive project! You are making great strides tho. How large will it measure when you are done?

CJ said...

So sorry you had a bad day. Keep being positive. I love reading your positive thoughts.


Linda said...

Congrats on the page finishes Vickie. You are one brave lady.


Silverlotus said...

You are making great progress!

And I'm sorry you had such a bad meeting. There is a mom at my son's bus stop who doesn't like her son's teacher at all. She actually moved her son to a new school at the beginning of the month. But, he is going back to the original school tomorrow because he loves the teacher. Parents aren't always right. ;)