Monday, January 20, 2014

Sistine Chapel and Positive Thoughts

I spend this weekend working on Scene 16 - Jonah.  It stitched the grey and dark greenish grey colors.  This whole section is nothing but 1/4 stitches all the way through it.  These stitches really make the design pop, but boy did my eyes cross!!!!  I finally figured out what it is meant in the pattern, that the filler made need to be filled in on the next scene.  I followed the pattern to the symbol, and still have one line of filler from the previous scene that needs to be filled in because it wasn't on the scene or the old one.....sigh...

I had a great weekend!  Lots of good things happened, even though on Sunday, I woke up feeling like a NyQuil commercial with all the sniffling, sneezing and coughing. UGH!!  I don't have time to be sick!  I did take my machine into the shop on Saturday.  They said it would be 10 days until they could even look at it...then they have to fix it.  Who knows when I will get it back, I just want it fixed.

Positive thought Friday Day 17
One of my goals for this new semester is to email parents when their child doesn't turn in their homework that day.  I have to stay longer and be more organized but I think it is working.   I received 10 emails from parents thanking me and letting me know they will have them work on it this weekend.  Hoping this will help the kiddos be more responsible.

Positive Though Day 18
Friends are the best thing in the world.  I went out for dinner and shopping with one of my good friends on Saturday.  We tried out a new restaurant and it was yummy!  They had this appetizer that I want to figure out how they made it.  It was deep fried goat cheese bites with Artichokes.  It was so good!!!  We looked at the menu and they sold Long Island tea by the pitchers....we were tempted but we resisted those.  I found some great deals at the Hallmark Store and Bath and Body works.  Love their 75% off sales!!

Positive Thought Day 19- Sunday
Woke up feeling a little yucky today so I thought I would just relax. Laundry could wait until later!   I stitched, caught up on my DVR and then took another 2  1/2/ hour nap.  It was great day.  DH came home from golfing and brought me a Sonic drink!  He grilled us steaks for I am spoiled!

What positive things have been happening with everyone else?


ladybugstamper said...

Looks good. I started in the center with the Creation of Eve and I am working towards scene 1, then I'll work to the last scene in the center. When I get all that done, I will work on the scenes you are working on. It will be interesting to see if we end up on the same scene at the same time. I'm an RSP aide so my contact with parents is limited (a few have been unpleasant), but I understand how tough they can be on teachers. Chin up, I am sure there are more positive than negatives in your day.

Linda said...

I didn't know that HAED's used 1/4 stitches. Looking good.


ladybugstamper said...

Hi! If we're both doing the same Sistine Chapel, it is not HAED's, nor is it Cross Stitch Collectibles.

It's JoAnna L and there is a Sistine Chapel Group of people doing this pattern.

Vicky L said...

The Sistine Chapel is coming along great. I love your positive thoughts.