Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sistine Chapel and Positive thought day 11

Working on a friends quilt tonight, my embroidery machine started acting nuts so I have to take it into the shop. On the positive side, I was able to finish this beautiful cardinal design before it went nuts!!!

OH I LOVE a sale!!!!  I went to Hallmark today and got all these ornaments for 75% off the retail price. Before sale it was $111.26.  I paid $28!  You cannot beat that sale!! There are others I want, but will wait until they are lower in price.

I finished another page today of Sistine Chapel.  This makes 20 pages of my 347 complete!!!One more page to stitch then I will finish my first scene of the year.  


CJ said...

The cardinal is beautiful.

Keep positive. Reading your positive thoughts is good for me too!!


Linda said...

Love all the ornaments Vickie. Sistine Chapel is moving right along.


Vicky L said...

The cardinal is beautiful! What a great buy on the ornaments. You are making good progress on Sistine Chapel.

Keebles said...

Cool on the ornament stash! I never catch a good sale like that!