Saturday, January 4, 2014

Small finish and positive thought day 4

Today started out as a wonderful day!   The furry babies and I slept in this morning.  The weather man said to expect 2-5 inches of snow so this meant a trip to Walmart today.  Wow!  Talk about a busy place!!!  It seems that if snow is in the forecast, then everyone is rushing to buy milk and bread.   Which are 2 of the items I needed after being out of town for a week.   

Here is a small finish for the start of the year.  I stitched most of Chip on the plane.  He is just so cute.

Around 2:00 pm this afternoon, I received some very bad news.  One of my former principal and friend passed away today.  We do not know the details but she will be greatly missed.  My favorite memory of her is my first year at BHS, she came into my room to observe me for my evaluation.  One of my students asked me a question and I didn't know the answer.  I told them I would have to do a little research but, I would have an answer for them during our afternoon class.  Kathy, my principal, raised her hand and said, "I can answer that for you."  She then proceeded to get up and teach part of my lesson.  She gave me a great evaluation telling me it takes a great teacher to admit they don't know something and to let someone else step up to help them.  Memory always makes me laugh.    She will be greatly missed!!!

Positive thought day 4:
I think that it is very important to remember the good times when you lose someone close to you.  That is what I am taking from my day today.  Even though you have lost a friend, you will always have the memories you shared.  


stitchersanon said...

A lovely positive thought..and because you remember the positive of those who sadly leave us, they never really go away. Lovely post..sad but lovely at the same time.

Linda said...

Adorable ornament Vickie.


SoCal Debbie said...

Such a cute finish! Is that Chip or Dale? What a nice memory about your principal.