Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sistine Chapel update and Positive thought day 7

I do love Christmas ornaments so I decided to take some ornaments to Disney with me to have the  characters autograph them.  I got this idea from Cheapskateprincess whose blog is all about Disney.   I loved finding the characters and getting their autographs.  The characters had a ball signing them.  Several of them added special touches.  I am trying to hard not to leave one tree up all year with these on them.  This is just a sampling of my signatures. 

I have been working on Sistine Chapel over my Christmas break and my snow days. My goal is to have finished 12 scenes this year...this scene is 15 pages.  I have 1.5 pages left to go until it is complete.  

 Here is a close up of what I been working on these past few days.  The lower section of beige...lots of beige...

Positive thought Day 7:
I get to go back to work tomorrow!!!  I am so happy!!!  We have missed 7 days this year...2 we can make up during the school year,  so that leaves 5 days so far that is added to the end of the school calendar. Right now we are going into June.  So I am happy to go back to work!


Meari said...

That's a neat idea for the Christmas ornaments, Vickie. When I took my niece eons ago, she went around with an autograph book and I took photos of her with each character to put on the opposite page of the autograph.

Good for you on the positive thoughts :)

Sistine Chapel looks great.

Keebles said...

I just keep thinking that it's going to cost you a fortune to frame this puppy! But it's exciting watching you work through it. It's going to be hard to find a project to top this one.

Linda said...

What a clever idea with the ornaments Vickie. The Sistine Chapel is amazing.


Shari said...

love the ornaments!!!!! How fun!!! I think I would want to leave them out year round too!!!!!

Faith... said...

LOVE the ornaments = what a great idea that was. If you have the space I think you should go ahead and leave the tree up year round with all those beautiful Disney ornaments; it would be a shame to only look at them a few weeks of the year.

CJ said...

The ornaments are wonderful, what a great keepsake. Enjoy getting back to work and continue to stay positive.


Anonymous said...

That was a cool idea to get the Disney characters to sign your Christmas ornaments.
Sistine is looking great. Looking forward to watch this get stitched up.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)