Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Health Goals

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year!  I celebrated a little early because Disney streamed the New Years fireworks show at 10:50 pm my time.   It was so pretty.  I made me tear up thinking I was actually there two years ago.  I am going to do a few posts of my goals for the next few days so I don't bore everyone at one time. 

One of my goals this year is to get Healthier.  Here is a picture of me at Disney this past September.  As you can see, I have put on a few pounds and I just don't feel good about myself.    I had started working out this summer but developed a bad case of allergies in September  that turned into bronchitis and very close to walking pneumonia.  I have gained back most of the pounds I lost this summer doing my deep water running.  I just haven't got back into a routine of working out again.

Our local community center has put forth a challenge that lasts the entire year.  Each month you have a different task to complete.  For is a 30/30/30 challenge.  30 Push-ups, 30 sit-ups, and 30 minutes of working out at least 3 days a week.  I am hoping by the end of this year I will be more fit.   
Part of this is you have to do a Inbody assessment.  Basically, I go stand on a machine that measures my weight, BMI, Body Fat Mass  amount of water in my body, Skeletal Mass along with a couple other things.   It told me that I needed to lose 42.6 lbs!!!  I freaked out!!  However, my trainer said I should set a goal of 25 Lbs.  If I lose anymore than that I won't be healthy....

So today, I pulled out my Wii Fit Plus.  I spent 32 minutes running in place, hulu hooping, and step work. I was tired but it was fun.  My Mii did go from very skinny to Very Plump when it measured my weight!  

So what is your favorite workout activity?  Do you like to go to the Gym or Home?   Anyone else have a fitness goal??? 


I found these really cute stamps to put in my planner!!!  They track my water intake  - Mason Jar Stamps.  My steps for the day - each foot is 2,000 steps.  I also added Hot Tea and Cokes to mine.  I add sugar to my hot tea so that makes it bad....or if I get a sonic sweet tea.  The bottom is for cokes.  I have decided that I like sweet tea and cokes...I refuse to deny myself those things!!!!


Heather said...

I'm going to try to lose at least 30 pounds but I'm waiting to get a gym membership. Should happen in a couple of weeks when our bills recover. Good luck!

cucki said...

Good luck my am sure you can do it..
Big hugs x

Linda said...

Good luck Vickie.


Esmeralda said...

What a cute stamps :) and a brilliant idea ti keep track of those drinks
My workout is to walk everyday with our dog
for at least 30 minutes
My other workout is decluttering the house and cleaning after the decluttering :)
I dont have to loose a lot just those hollidays pounds, so not to bad :)
Look forward to see those goals working for you

Meari said...

Good luck! I've gotten out of my walking habit since the weather's gotten colder and gained back some of what I lost so I need to figure out something soon.

Sew Wilde said...

I would like to lose 20-25 pounds this year. I am slowing working on it. Good luck!